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    Write or draw with your finger or stylus on the screen (iPhone, Android)

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    Although Steve Jobs, creator of Apple and the iPhone, decreed that the stylus would be useless on modern smartphones and tablets, for some it is not. In the end, the stylus on the screen, especially on a tablet, can be useful for using the tablet more comfortably, perhaps leaning against a shelf, using the tablet as if it were a laptop.
    In this article we see the most useful applications to write, draw and touch the touchscreen of an Android smartphone / tablet, iPhone and iPad with a stylus or finger (although the pen remains more and more accurate).

    1) SketchBook Express is a great and professional Autodesk application (the company that develops popular software such as Autocad) to draw on the screen using your finger or stylus, which you can download and install for free on both Android tablets and on iPhone and iPadd (it was also included between best free download apps for android tablet).

    1) MyScript (Android and iPhone is an official paid app for writing with the stylus on supported smartphones.
    In practice, you no longer write with the touchscreen but with the pen on the screen, manually.
    However, the app costs 8 Euros.

    2) Write is a free app only for Android tablets and mobile phones that allows write on the screen freehand using a stylus or your finger. An app like Write will let you take notes easily, like you would a paper notepad, and you can also use different diagrams, black paper or graph paper.

    3) Google Keep, the note-taking app, has a function to write freehand notes, using your finger on the screen

    4) Google Freehand writing is the app to replace the phone keyboard with one where you can draw characters and punctuation by hand, using your finger.

    5) SignEasy: Sign On The Go is the free application for Android and iPhone / iPad to sign a document with your finger or stylus pen on a tablet or smartphone. SignEasy will make it look like you have used a real pen to sign and date a document.

    6) docusign is the other great application for signing documents on mobile and tablet screens Android, Windows e iPhone / Ipad which can be used for free for personal use and works quite amazingly due to its versatility.
    I had also already talked about this app in the article on how to make an online digital signature for documents and contracts.

    7) Infinite painter is an android app to draw freehand using your finger or stylus on the screen. It is therefore an application to paint using the tablet as if it were a canvas and the finger as a brush.

    8) Only for Android, it can be installed Papyrus, an app to write freehand with the stylus as if the screen were a sheet of paper. You can also handwrite notes on PDF documents to fill out forms or sign documents.

    9) Draw Something is the famous Pictionary style game, where you have to draw by hand and let another guess.
    Draw Something is one of the most downloaded games in the world, both on iPhone / iPad, and on Android smartphones and mobile phones

    10 ) Handwriting keyboard finally it is a free app for Android with which to write using the stylus or the stylus or even the finger which however becomes less precise. The app integrates on the touch keyboard and allows you to write letters and symbols by hand, even with the possibility of adding gestures to complete whole words.

    11 ) ezPDF Reader PDF multimedia is an app available (not free) both on the Android Store and for iPhone and iPad.
    This is an app that opens PDF files and allows you to take notes on them using the stylus pen or your finger. You can add arrows, circles, text notes and other annotations or comments on the PDF and you can even sign them freehand.

    12 ) Penultimate by Evernote is a beautiful and incredibly functional app capable of transforming the screen of an iPad or an iPhone into a sheet on which to draw by hand using a stylus or your finger. You can write and draw in color on the screen as you would on a regular drawing sheet of paper easily. Freehand drawings and lettering are automatically saved to Evernote.

    13 ) FreeNote is an app (Android only) to take notes and notes as you use Evernote, only that you write by hand.
    You can easily write notes, add images and use the screen in combination, writing with either the stylus / stylus / finger or the keyboard.

    Each of these apps can really be useful in certain circumstances, to draw or sign or even to pretend to handwrite on a sheet and use your own unmistakable handwriting, which is always the most personal thing we have.

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