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    How to Create Deepfake (fake videos with my face)

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    Il DeepFake is that software technique based on artificial intelligence that allows you to superimpose different images within original videos changing the face of the protagonist in a film with that of another person. Machine learning allows you to adapt the new face to the movements of the video so that it looks completely real. While the real Deepfake is a job that requires some patience and video editing skills, some software has already come out to create fun and simple DeepFake, like the ones seen in the article on how to put your face in a video instead of the protagonist.
    Recently a new way to create deepfake videos by putting your face in funny little clips is available inside theSnapchat application, one of those that is very fashionable in the USA. Snapchat is a rather particular social network, initially born as an app to send photos that are automatically deleted after viewing them and over time became an app for taking selfie photos with augmented reality filters and for creating custom emojis like those of BitMoji.
    The latest addition to Snapchat, which is really interesting and fun to use, is what it's called Snapchat Cameo, which allows create short deepfake videos using your own face. In other words, it is possible use a selfie to replace the faces of the people who appear in one of the clips ready by putting your face on it. The small video can then be saved and sent to any other application, including Whatsapp, Facebook or others.

    Snapchat cameos

    Snapchat Cameos works exactly like a deepfake in which our face is placed on the body of the person protagonist of the video to become the protagonists of funny clips to send to friends. The video montage effect, based on artificial intelligence, is really well done so much that it almost seems to be really in the video.

    To use the Snapchat Cameos feature, you must first download the Snapchat app on Android or iPhone and then log in with an account. There will be no need to add friends or use other social network features because all the creations made with Snapchat can then be saved in the phone and shared via message, email or other social networks.
    To create a Snapchat Deepfake you have to touch the key Chat and then starting any chat. Instead of writing a message, press the emoji key, that of the round emoticon, then select the Cameo function or tap on the emoticon with the star. You will see a preview of the various ready-made Cameos in which you can put your face. Select any one and, the first time, take a selfie photo by framing your face inside the frame on the screen and trying not to laugh. After taking the selfie, you have to choose the body type, whether female or male. Snapchat automatically creates a whole series of small videos where our face appears instead of that of the protagonist. If you are not satisfied, you can take a new selfie photo by tapping one of the ready cameos and then pressing the More button at the bottom.
    To see all the videos generated by Whatsapp, which are divided into various categories, press the button of the smiley face with the star or the smiley face with the heart, the happy face, the trsite one and the festive one .. Each video can be saved in the phone gallery (and then taken out of Snapchat) by selecting and pressing the More button where the Save to Camera Roll option appears.
    Every fake Snapchat video you can send it in Snapchat chat or also in Whatsapp and Messenger. To do this, press one of the Cameos made and then tap the Export button to be able to send the video in another application, which can be Whatsapp. If you have a friend who uses Snapchat, if they have turned on Cameos, you will also see deepfake videos with both people's faces. Snapchat Cameos is really fun to try, even for sending special Christmas greetings or wishes for friends to enjoy.

    Other apps to create Deepfake

    Another application to create Deep fake fun with celebrities is Impressions, for iPhone, where you can swap faces in a video by putting our face in place of that of a famous person. All you have to do is just select a famous person and record the video. In the end, the video will really feel real.
    Another application is on the site MyVoiceyourface, where you just need to upload a selfie photo of a person to generate a video with that face. The site allows you to select a photo from your PC and any video that is then processed by putting the face of the photo in place of that of the protagonist of the video, a perfect deepfake.

    Reface App instead it works on Android smartphones as well as on iPhone and allows you to create small Deep Fake videos with your face in various scenes taken from famous films such as Pulp Fiction and Iron Man or even instead of that of famous sportsmen, politicians and other famous people.

    Wombo AI is another app for Android and iPhone that allows you to create deepfake videos with artificial intelligence, very fun to share with friends. The peculiarity, this time, is that you can create a video starting only from a photo of your face, where you sing a song of your choice. The face comes alive singing as if it really did, for a hilarious video.

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