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    Create photo and image collages: best programs and web apps

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    Photo collages are very popular, as they allow you to combine multiple photos together in a creative and fun way, for a highly effective result whether shared on social networks or printed on photographic paper. A collage can be a nice idea useful for creating personalized greeting cards to collect the significant moments of a holiday, an event, or to compose a story.
    In this guide we will show you then the best programs free for PC to create collages quickly and easily. For those who do not want to use programs we will also show you different web applications that you can use to create the college of photos and images without downloading anything but only using the web browser.

    Create collages

    In the following chapters we will show you how to create a beautiful photo collage using both PC programs (with any operating system) and web apps, accessible online with any browser without installing any program.

    Programs to create photo and image collages

    The most classic method to create collages of photos and images involves starting the computer where the photos to be used are present and using a free program, so as not to have to spend a single euro for the creation.

    One of the programs that we recommend you try now is Collagerator, available for free for Windows and Mac.

    With it we will be able to create fantastic photo collages starting from predefined templates or uploaded by the user, who will only have to add the photos in the various frames offered and save the result on the disk. In addition to the simple creation of collages, it also allows you to change some parameters of the background of the photos, so as to give a touch of personalization.

    Another very good program for creating photo and image collages is Shape Collage, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Shape Collage can be used to create the classic collage or to create a mosaic composed of various shapes such as hearts, circles or rectangles, or inside custom shapes such as written texts or drawings. Additional options include customizing the background which can be a single color, a transparent effect, a gradient color or a selected photo.
    Among other options, you can create borders around the photo collage, custom frames, select a size for the final image, choose the size of a photo, select the number of photos you want to use and define the spacing between photos.

    If we are looking for a valid alternative to the programs mentioned so far, we can also try Free Photo Collage Creator, available for free for Windows.

    From this program we will be able to choose every aspect of our collage, starting from the background (in a single color or with a personalized image) up to the number of photos to be inserted inside, with the possibility of changing the size of each frame.

    Other useful programs for creating photo and image collages can be viewed from the following list:
    1. CollageIt: Lightweight and easy-to-use application, allows you to create photo collages instantly in just three steps.
    2. Quick Collage Maker: Relatively simple program that allows you to create collages on your PC and combine up to 10 images with 100 different predefined layouts.
    3. Photoscape: program to combine images and create photo collages from your computer to which I have dedicated a special article.
    4. PhotosSpills: Free collage software that comes with 5 different photo arrangement templates.
    5. Collaizer: it is the most difficult collage program to use, as it has a more complex interface.
    6. Fotowall: a simple open source program where you can combine multiple photos together on a page, using the mouse.
    7. Pic Collage: A handy, easy-to-use Windows 10 app that provides pre-built templates for creating a beautiful, no-obligation collage.
    8. Phototastic Collage allows you to group up to 25 photos in the same collage.
    9. Atlantas offers two collage layouts: Smart layout, with fewer options and very fast, and advanced layout, with many more options.
    10. PhotoJoiner, the simplest application where you just have to choose the photos and create the collage.

    Web app to create photo and image collages

    If the current computer cannot install programs or we want to avoid installing new ones for reasons of space or system cleaning, we can create collages of photos and images using Web apps, i.e. real sites with applications, reachable with any web browser for PC and with any operating system.

    The first site we recommend you visit is Canva, which can be used for free after free registration.

    Once we have access to the editor, we will be able to upload all our photos on it and use one of the many layouts offered to create a beautiful collage or mosaic of images, with the possibility of performing quick photo editing operations. Once we have created our collage we can choose whether to share it on social networks or download it to PC as an image file to print.

    Another very good site for creating photo collages is Louge Collage, which can also be used without registration.

    Once the site is open just click on Add Photo to add photographs or images to use for the collage; in the next screen the site will allow us to choose the layout or the model with which to compose the collage, with a great variety of artistic themes (we also find the heart, the silhouette of a person or a flower). At the end of the work we can always download the created work, so that we can share or print it.

    As a valid alternative to the sites seen so far we can also try the Photovisi site, which can also be used without registration.

    This site is great for creating collages quickly and with beautiful graphic quality without downloading anything, choosing from the many templates already available to create new collages and image mosaics. We talked in depth about this site also in our guide for create online photo albums.

    If we want to try other sites and web apps for creating photo collages, we can try the ones listed below:
    1. webGobbler is a small program for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, specializing in artistic collages. In fact, you can create photo mosaics with different effects that mix the images together even without any particular order and using a lot of shades.
    2. Fotor is one of the best web applications (which you can also install as an app for Windows 10) ever to make changes to photos, which also has the function to create photo albums and collages, in a simple and intuitive way.
    3. Fotojet is another very powerful and free website, specializing in Collage, already mentioned for create photo postcards, design projects and graphics.
    4. Google Photos offers, among other things, the function to create a collage made up of several images.
    5. Ribbet is an easy-to-use and very aesthetically beautiful web app that creates photo collages by placing images on a single page.
    6. Photojoiner is a website for creating collages and photo stories with an easy-to-use, full-screen editor with large buttons and a clear and intuitive interface.
    7. PicsArt, also available as an app for Windows 10, is a powerful collage maker with three modes: Grid, Frame, and Background.
    8. BeFunky is one of the simplest and most immediate sites to create photo collages, immediately usable without registration and with many editing and customization options.

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