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    Create fake and fake chats on Whatsapp and Facebook

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    Martí Micolau

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    In the age of the Internet and social networks we no longer know what is true and what is not, but we have also seen how gullible people are and how easily they can be fooled by fake news. Hence, even Whatsapp can become a vehicle for jokes and spam, where also thanks to groups, it is easy to share any nonsense to make people laugh or to spread hoaxes like that of Whatsapp which becomes paid.
    Staying in the jokes field, it is possible, on Whatsapp and Facebook, create false conversations between two interlocutors, from save as images and share them on Whatsapp itself or on Facebook. These jokes they can be done with absolute simplicity thanks to some Free applications for Android and one for iPhone that work perfectly to fool friends or to make them laugh with absurd and surreal chats.

    1) Fake Chat can be installed on any Android phone to generate fake conversations on WhatsApp, with graphics identical to that of the chat.

    2) Some websites which can be opened without problems from smartphones and PCs allow you to create a fake chat on Whatsapp and, among these, we point out Fakedetail and Zeoob, very complete and able to create images with the same graphics as Whatsapp and personalized and invented conversations.

    3) Fake Chat Simulator (Android) is a beautiful app, perfect in its purpose, with graphics identical to the original Whatsapp and with the possibility of adding information such as the last visit, the online status and the checkboxes for receiving and reading messages. You can create a fake conversation with a fake contact, choose their profile photo and then add messages.

    4) Fake Chat Maker for Android it works to create fake chats on Whatsapp and also on Facebook and fake Tweets on Twitter.

    5) InstaFake to Android it is used to create fake chats on Whatsapp and also on Facebook, Telegram, Skype and SMS.

    To close the article, I still want to say that any image you see on the internet or is sent to us can be the result of manipulation and therefore, in order not to be deceived or make a bad impression, it is always better not to believe too much in what you are. see, if there is no real proof.
    PS I don't really know if the image above is really fake ... I hope so

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