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    Create abstract images online and drawings with brushes, paints, shapes and texts

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    Among web applications the most beautiful that can be found online are those to draw, without downloading any program on your computer, directly from the internet.
    With these free sites it is possible create drawings on the internet in absolute freedom, using the mouse as if it were a brush, choosing the desired stroke, colors, paints and abstract or geometric shapes.
    Technically they are very easy to use because everything is very intuitive and immediate but, if some allow you to create "art" automatically and, therefore, are more than games, others are instead dedicated to those who know really freehand draw on a white sheet.

    To the best web applications for drawing online and freehand painting, listed on another page, we add others here wonderful internet sites to create designs and use brushes, paints, colors and shapes as you prefer.

    1) MugTug SketchPad is an excellent online tool for drawing freehand with all the desired colors and stroke types. The peculiarity is its speed in loading on the web browser and a fluidity in maneuvering the pencil or virtual brush with the mouse (it is not in flash).
    The effects are the fountain pen, the pencil and the spray plus many other types of paint, the possibility of adding texts and shapes of various types.

    2) Da Deviant Art there Wall, a web application for drawing developed in html5 which therefore does not require the Flash plugin on the browser. Muro offers a great variety of brushes to be used to create freehand drawings. Provides a larger surface area than MugTug, it has tons of it graphic filters to add on the drawing and many types of shades of colors. It affects the movement of the brush on the screen, fluid as if painting on a canvas. If you move the lever up from Basic to Pro, Muro becomes a professional graphics tool with i layer and opacity effects.

    3) The Exquisite Forest is a project by Google and the Tate Modern Gallery where it is possible to draw stories with a typical style of modern art. Those who do not know where to start can also just look at the creations of other users and artists, really quality animations. The best are also exhibited at the Tate gallery in London.

    4) Ablaze is an automatic generator of abstract moving backgrounds, with parameters to be modified to change effects. The application is in HTML5, very fluid and modern

    5) Bonomo it's a really nice Art generator, simple and fun to use for draw online freehand. Quite simply, it is a question of having a white sheet on which wavy dots that act as a brush. By clicking on the dots you draw, by hand, according to the abstract style chosen for the "brush". There are 18 different styles and colors are chosen by the application so there is nothing to configure and no parameters to choose.

    6) Neon Flames is an experimental web application that allows you to draw with the mouse making colored abstract works of art that is self-generated according to the parameters (configurable on the right side) and the type of click.

    7) Silk instead it requires you to draw using the mouse like a pen on the screen and, when you release the left mouse button, the marked line generates an abstract figure made of colored and bright lines.

    8) Kinetic Sketch is an interactive web application for creating images with abstract artistic shapes. Really easy and fun to use, it allows, with just the click of the mouse, to add colored rectangles, circles or triangles. Once the shape is added, it falls with a gravity effect from above and colors the screen differently depending on the chosen effect. In the Draw menu item you can choose Bitmap fill to add an image from the computer and video fill to use the footage from a webcam. The abstract effect is guaranteed and who knows if with a little luck you won't go to create a valuable abstract painting or drawing ...

    9) IoGraph is a java program, to be downloaded and started immediately, without installation, which stores the movement of the mouse and fixes it on a background. The design that is created is the result of the movement of the mouse made while working, playing or surfing the internet. Once the application is started, you can press the center button to start recording, iconize the window by hiding it and continue your work as if nothing had happened. After a while, if you go and retrieve the IoGraph window, you will see a lot lines that correspond to the movement of the cursor during the registered period and many rounds that correspond to clicks.
    At the end you can save the abstract image, identical in size to your desktop, by pressing the first button at the bottom right of the program window.
    IoGraph draws automatically with the pencil on a white sheet then, if desired, keeping the window open, you can try to really draw, tracing the lines, making them thicker to create abstract figures. The second button at the bottom right, is that of the options that allow you to disable recording if the mouse remains stationary or to draw not on the white background but on the desktop background.

    10 ) Hotspot Studio is somewhat similar, but specializes in creating bursts of light and color, a luminous abstract design. There aren't many options but it's nice that you can insert your own image or photo as a background, uploading any one from your computer.

    The story continues by reading how draw on photos to create artistic images

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