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    Best Programs to draw and create images on PC for free

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    draw freehand on the computer Windows provides a standard program that is used all over the world and can be found among the accessories in the Start menu, called "MS Paint". Everyone, at least once, tried it, but immediately gave up on drawing anything other than a few scribbles.
    If you want to have fun on the computer with freehand drawing, using the mouse on the PC, so that they can all succeed (with a little patience), without too much difficulty, it takes a program different, one that gives satisfaction and that, even by moving the mouse at random or in a non-precise way, you can come up with at least a sketch and a drawing that is beautiful to see.
    Below, i best free programs to draw and create new images on your computer.

    1. Fresh Paint is a free Microsoft application for Windows 10 that makes it really easy to draw on your computer using the mouse with ease. In practice it is the evolution of the old Microsoft Paint, to draw with watercolors, pencils and many types of brushes. The app is also good for children, to color drawings and express their creativity to the maximum without technical complications.
    2. Paint 3D, also from Microsoft, is a great beginner's app with an easy-to-understand user interface that allows anyone to create 2D and 3D models of objects and shapes.
    3. The Microsoft Whiteboard, described in another article as a free multimedia interactive whiteboard (IWB) app to use at home or at school to draw freehand even in a shared way.
    4. Twisted Brush it is the structure of the programs described here, not beautiful but easy to use, with all the editing options grouped together. The free version of the program has some limitations, including the choice of only 11 types of brushes. Beyond the basic functions, Twisted Brush has a lot of minor options to discover in its interface, for advanced users.
    5. Artweaver is a complete painting tool that includes a full set of brushes for creative painting or just for experimenting. The software is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Artweaver also allows you to collaborate with other artists on the Internet and supports many layers, tools and filters to create new images on PC.
    6. Chalk is an open-source PC drawing program. This is a 100MB program that is a complete solution for creating digital art even for professional artists. There are many types of brushes and tools for drawing and coloring images by smearing colors, with splatter and dripping effect and other ways to use paint. Krita is by far the most complete, free software in this category, an excellent alternative to Photshop too, although not very easy to use and more recommended for professional artists.
    7. AutoDesk Sketchbook, free for Windows PC and Mac, is one of the best drawing programs to create images ideal for those who work as a designer, illustrator or image animator. The best feature of Sketchbook is its minimalist user interface that disappears during creation, which is also easy to use. The features are very advanced and rich, with over 140 brushes for designers, support for unlimited layers, blending modes, grouping of layers, support for rulers and guides, custom perspective guides, predictive stroke and much more to help you in the creation
    8. MyPaint as a program for drawing on pc is a tiny 8MB program, with a clean and minimalist interface, perfect for drawing on a computer. Briefly, it is enough to know that it is the fastest program to use, not really simple because the menus are a bit hidden, but still good for everyone.
    9. Dogwaffle project is a surprisingly full featured program and tools, including fully customizable brushes, filters and effects, multiple color picker options, a good array of color gradients, animations, and more.
    10. SmoothDraw is a freehand drawing painting program.
    11. Pixia is the English version of a famous Japanese graphics software. It supports masks and layers and many other image editing functions. It has many free plugins and filters to download which makes this program quite unique and different from other tools.
    12. Speedy painter is a fairly simple and basic program, but completely free and very good for drawing even in a professional way. The software interface is also optimized to work with touch screens.
    13. TuxPaint, the best drawing program for kids, the easiest to use on a PC.
    14. FireAlpaca is one of the lighter, free, simplified drawing programs, but it works well as a tool for beginners and for those with an older or cheaper PC.
    15. Medibang Paint is a great free drawing program for manga and comic creators, with over 800 backgrounds over 50 brushes and 20 fonts. It is a simple and powerful tool for people who are just starting to draw Japanese comics and want a tool that can help them learn and improve.
    16. Particle Art is a great program for creating abstract designs and fantastic images.

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