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    App to design home and furniture from your smartphone (Android and iPhone)

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    There is nothing worse than buying furniture and realizing that it does not enter the room where we decided to place it: not taking the right measures in advance was a mistake that we can no longer fix! To avoid these unpleasant situations we can use our faithful smartphone or tablet, using some powerful apps to create the virtual floor plan of our room or the whole house, so as to be able to obtain precise measurements of each wall and wall and proceed with the purchase of the furniture. tailored.
    In this guide we will show you the best apps for draw the floor plan of a house by photographing it and recreating the 3D model faithfully, so that we can virtually fill our home with the furniture or appliances chosen even before buying them.
    Most of the apps that we will report below will allow you to reconstruct the floor plan of a room or the entire house using the rear camera of your smartphone or tablet to collect the data on the wall and the distances between a point and the other, thus recreating the 3D model of the room in its fullness (respecting proportions and reduction scales). At the end we will have a PDF file with all the useful data to be able to renovate the house or to add the furniture we want.


    The first app we can use to draw the house with photos is Magicplan, available free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

    This app uses the gyroscope of mobile devices and the rear camera to capture every corner and side of the room, showing in augmented reality the creation of the complete floor plan of the house. At the end of the acquisition, the classic floor plan of the room or house will be generated from above, with the measurements already perfectly converted to scale. The app also offers 3D floor plan view, quick addition of objects, doors and furniture, and easy project export to PDF or DXF (the AutoCAD compatible format).

    Planner 5D

    Another app that we can try to draw the floor plan of our home is Planner 5D, also available for free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

    With this app we will be able to both freehand draw all the rooms and acquire the measurements with the augmented reality camera, so as to be able to create a beautiful floor plan in which to add all the personal details such as the colors of the floor, walls and the position of all the objects we want to be present in the house or in individual rooms.
    At the end of the work we can visit the virtual house in 3D within the app, moving around the various rooms and checking if everything is in the right place.

    Keyplan 3D Lite (iOS)

    If we are looking for a complete app to draw house and get spectacular floor plans on iPhone and iPad, we recommend that you download the app Keyplan 3D Lite, available exclusively for iOS and iPadOS.

    With this app we will be able to transform an empty room or house into a 3D project on which we can add furniture, appliances and all kinds of objects, so that we can see what effect the house has with all the furniture.
    The acquisition is based on detection through photography and augmented reality, with the precise measurements of each wall or wall present, so as to know exactly the measurements of the house. In addition to the classic 2D mode, it is possible to activate the 3D mode at any time and explore the house virtually, room by room.

    Home Design 3D

    Another very convenient app for drawing the floor plan with our mobile devices is Home Design 3D, available free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

    The app allows in a few steps to acquire the measurements of the whole house and thus to recreate the 3D environment of the house, which we can embellish with any type of object. In addition to the home, it also allows you to customize the surrounding environment, thus adding details on gardens, swimming pools, neighboring buildings and entire neighborhoods, so as to be able to simulate every detail of the house in which we have decided to live.


    If, on the other hand, we are looking for professional software to acquire floor plans like a real architect, the only app we recommend you to try is PlanGrid, available free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

    The app is really very complete and in some ways difficult to use, since many functions closely refer to the typical design techniques of architects. Once you have learned at least the basic operation it will be possible to recreate in 3D every room of the house, including the columns and half walls, if necessary changing the measurements manually with the indicators (which will appear in each element added to the plan).
    Once the house project is completed, we can export it to PDF or DXF, so that we can later view or modify the project in AutoCAD.

    Floor Plan Creator

    Floor Plan Creator, free for Android, is a floor plan app that allows you to create houses, rooms and corridors with precise measurements. You can recreate your home or create a whole new one. Some other features of the app include cloud syncing, exporting as a PDF or image file, support for metric and imperial units, and support for Samsung S Pen and USB mouse. With a good floor plan, you can then plan the decor of each room.


    Designing the house of your dreams is possible and we can do it even if the house is already ready (we have recently purchased or rented it): just arm yourself with smartphones and tablets and acquire the precise measurements of each wall and each room. , so that we can virtually embellish it with the objects and furniture we have decided to buy. By taking the project to IKEA or other similar places it will be much easier to choose the right furniture and be sure that it fits smoothly into the chosen room or location.

    If we love to design houses virtually, we recommend that you also read the Web applications for designing rooms, furnishing a house in 3D and designing apartments, among which it is also mentioned the Ikea app, described in another article, to design home furnishings with Ikea furniture and virtually try them out through photographs and augmented reality.

    Still on the subject of measurements, we advise you to combine the apps seen above with distance measurement apps, such as those seen in the guide to App to measure distances with the Android phone camera.

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