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    App to create cartoons and comics from photos (Android and iPhone)

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    Among the special photo manipulation applications, especially those for taking the most beautiful selfies, there is a special category of apps to create cartoons or comics from personal photos, thus transforming the image as if it were drawn in various styles, including including that of the cartoon.
    There are many such apps on the stores per smartphone Android e per iPhone, For turn our images into cartoons in an automatic way, which can be a lot of fun to make our face become like a drawing, even for create avatars, cartoon characters, animated emojis and artistic images such as paintings.

    1) Voila AI, free for Android and iPhone is one of the most popular apps of 2021, which allows you to turn photos into Disney and Pixar cartoon images. There are also options for creating a classic cartoon, Renaissance painting or caricature image.

    2) Painnt, free for Android and iPhone, is one of those applications similar to Prisma that turns photos into paintings with artistic effects. Using advanced AI technology he is able to create works of art from photos, making them look like they were drawn with brushes. Among the many effects it is also possible to create cartoon images of our photos.

    3) Cartoon Photo Editor (Android) specializes in creating cartoon images starting from one of our photos.
    Here, too, there are many effects and filters to use to turn new or existing photos into sketches, cartoons, oil paintings, pencil drawings or more. Basically you can convert a set of photos to create an art gallery on your phone.

    4) Cartoon Sketch Cam Artist (Android) is an application that transforms your photo of our face into a cartoon character, with excellent prismatic effects and automatic photo filters.

    5) Cartoon Face animation creator (iPhone) is a very nice application that allows you not only to transform your face into a cartoon, but also to animate it using an image morphing effect. You can then cripple the design of the face to make her laugh or to create funny or monstrous expressions.

    6) Foto Cartoon Camera (Android) is an app that allows you to transform a shot into a painted image, with many different effects depending on your preferences.

    7) Zepeto app creates animated Animoji of yourself on Android and iPhone, live from the camera, like those of Apple.

    8) Cartoon Sketch Hd (iPhone) e Sketch me (Android) are two similar applications that allow you to transform any kind of photo into a drawing, in a very artistic and quality way. The one for the iPhone, in particular, is appreciated for the quantity of filters available and the countless combinations with which it is possible to create drawings from photos.

    9) MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers (Android and iPhone) is one of the most popular apps in this category, one that everyone has fun with.
    Our faces and those of friends can be extracted from the photos we have and mounted in comic scenes to be customized with backgrounds, stickers and elements of all kinds.
    Furthermore this application works very well in the turn photos into Emoji and emoticons for Whatsapp and Facebook.

    10 ) Clip2Comic (iPhone) among the most celebrated in the Apple Store which is used to transform photos into comics, caricatures, high-resolution paintings. This is also an application to transform videos into real movies and cartoons, in a simple and semi-automatic way.

    11 ) Cartoon photo editor (Android) is one of the best apps for creating comics that allows us to transform our photos into drawings using automatic filters and effects. The final effect is really of great quality and thanks to the mix of instruments it is always possible to create something original and different. The app works as a camera to take photos to be transformed into cartoon and cardboard very quickly. The interface is simple to use, although perhaps a little slow in the creation process and a little cluttered due to the advertisements.

    12) Finally, let's remember the app Google Storyboard that converts videos to comics taking the most significant scenes, in a truly original and unique way.

    13) The App to create avatars of myself they are excellent both to turn into a cartoon, and to create comic images with our face, even starting from a photo.

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