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    App to create avatars of myself on Android and iPhone

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    Avatars are images with which one can distinguish oneself in a digital world such as that of an online chat or a game. In the end they are funny drawings, which can be similar to comics or cartoons, representative of ourselves and therefore original and different from any other.
    As there are many ways of create custom avatars on the internet, so there are several free applications for Android smartphones and tablets to create a unique image to use in chats or social networks.
    Each of them is characterized by the type of avatar graphics you are going to make. These are easy and semi-automatic applications, where you have to combine different elements together in the way you prefer, up to create an original and fun image that can be used to represent myself, to be used later as a profile picture in social networks, chats or games, when you don't want to use a real photo.

    1) Yes, it can create an avatar on the Facebook app, in an easy way, as explained in another article. Facebook avatar can become a sticker for post commenting and chat.

    2) With GBoard, Google's keyboard for Android and iPhone, you can create animated avatars of myself by transforming a photo.

    3) Bitmoji is a very powerful Snapchat avatar creation app, which allows you to create an Emoji using the photo of our face, on Android and iPhone. Faces created with BitMoji can be used as Emoji in Whatsapp and other chats.

    4) Avatoon, for Android and iPhone, is one of the best apps to create an avatar based on facial recognition from the camera or with the conversion into a selfie photo. You can then customize the avatar as you prefer and you can have fun with many accessories and objects to make the avatar unique. The avatar can be used as an emoji in chats and in Whatsapp.

    4) SuperMii for Android allows you to create a myself with manga cartoon graphics, ideal for fans of Japanese comics.

    5) Avatar maker is the best option if you want to create a manga / cartoon style representation of yourself. Also in this case you choose the shape of the head, eyes, hair and other accessories in order to reconstruct your face that seems to have been drawn by a Japanese cartoonist. You can save the created image on your Android phone to be able to use it later in chat profiles or online games. There is also a paid version of this app with more options.

    6) Smartphone Avatar for Android is a simple free application with additional paid options. Also in this case a virtual character is created whose style, physical appearance and clothing can be customized. The avatars created with this application all have square heads folded on a mobile that is held in the hand.

    7) MakeU is a cute and cute avatar maker app with cartoon pictures for kids.

    8) Zepeto creates an animated avatar like Animoji, which can be used to take photos and record videos and also to socialize and make friends online, on Android and iPhone

    9) Dollify, for Android and for iPhone allows you to create avatars from photos, like dolls, only female.

    10 ) Anime avatar is a free Android mobile application that creates avatars from Japanese cartoons, where you can also create a couple, boy and girl. There are options for choosing skin tone, hairstyles, hat, eyes, glasses, clothing etc.

    11) Chudo: Face Emoji & Avatar App for iPhone is an app to create the classic FaceMoji with Apple graphics, which is often seen in music videos and chats.

    12 ) Androidify was a Google application for Android to create an avatar based on the green robot which is the symbol of Android. The application allowed you to select different colors, shapes, sizes and many accessories to create a robot in which you can recognize yourself. Unlike the other apps on this list, Androidify could save an avatar animation as a GIF image. The app has been officially retired, but can still be downloaded from APKPure

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