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    25 Online app to create a new logo for free and well done

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    While other articles have talked about downloading icons and how to create fonts for a custom writing style.
    With this article we point out some recommended websites, not only for those who want to customize a website or blog but also for those who enjoy customizing documents and powerpoint presentations or those who want to give voice to their imagination perhaps inventing a brand for a t-shirt !
    On the internet there are excellent online services, completely free and free, useful for creating custom icons, creating logos or buttons with web 2.0 style graphics, i.e. with shaded colors and three-dimensional borders, creating personal advertising banners, generating a digital signature .

    To create and download icons, read the article where the best icon sets and the best tools to create icons have been collected
    create a logo, buttons and buttons in a web 2.0 style, to be used, for example, for a website, for a Powerpoint presentation, for a personalized t-shirt etc. etc., the best web applications are:

    1) Supalogo, certainly the best online tool to create a free logo with a personalized and nice to see writing. Supalogo becomes very useful when you don't know more complex programs like Corel Draw or Photoshop to create a professional logo. The logo is generated in 1 minute but, thanks to the extreme flexibility of the tool, the written generated can be of so many different types therefore, before finding the style and design you like, you have to try many combinations. The most important thing is to click on the options and modify the "outline" colors (the border) and the gradients properly. Also excellent is the possibility of creating the transparency in the background and save the logo in png format. Of all those on the list, this is the only one that really gets a custom and beautiful effect.

    2) GraphicSprings is a site where you can create a logo for a website or a 2.0-style blog. There are hundreds of logo designs available that you can customize with any word or brand of your choice. With GraphicSprings you can create a logo with a combination of image and text. Once you have chosen your logo, you can use the editor to customize the text, colors, effects, etc. Once finished you can download the file in JPG, JPEG and PNG format.

    3) DesignEvo allows everyone to create custom logos without installing any software, for free. In a few minutes you can customize the logo that best suits your needs, without having to have professional design skills. There are tons of ready-made icons, fonts and characters to use for writing the brand and then powerful editing tools to customize everything.

    4) Freelogoservices is a great site to create logos, with many designs, many vector designs and the possibility of choosing fonts.

    5) Shopify is a web application for creating online stores that also includes a perfect tool for creating logos and symbols using icons and writings.

    6) canva, the super app to create all kinds of material for the web, also has its own section dedicated to the creation of logos, free of charge.

    7) Some logos very beautiful can be downloaded from the site Instant Logo. The page also includes a simple editor for creating a new drawing.

    8) Logaster is a professional online service that allows you to create a clean and crisp logo like that of major brands. The created logo can then be saved in small size for free or bought for 10 Euros if you need it big.

    9) To create a logo drawn a little more complex it can be used Figma Logo Creator which provides an online editor to create logos of any type to be saved in PNG or PDF format.

    10 ) DesignMantic is an automatic logo generator, where you just need to write the name of the company or whatever you want and then choose the sector to generate ready-made logos to choose from. The site is very modern and very high quality, easy to use, for those who need a quick and effortless logo.

    11 ) Noun Project is the perfect site to find icons for buttons and where you can even create logos.

    12 ) Logo Creator Online is an online tool to create a logo easily, starting from scratch.

    13 ) Logotypemaker is a quick way to create a custom logo to use for a business or website. You can write a word and create the logo automatically and then choose from those proposed by scrolling until you find the one you like. There is of course an editor to customize and edit a logo, change colors and to use your own image.

    14 ) Logo Factory is a web application that allows you to create logos directly online. You just have to enter a text, choose the design from those available and have the logo sent by email.

    15 ) Logotype Creator it is used to quickly create a company logo using the company name and generating a random design. Each design can then be edited and customized with a very easy to use online editor. Eventually, the logo can be downloaded to your computer in png format.

    16 ) Online logomaker is a modern and very powerful site that provides the web app to create a logo for free, adding text, symbols and customized images.

    17 ) TailorBrands is one of the most popular online logo creation tools today, leveraging an AI algorithm to make design almost automatic. All you have to do is write the name, description and some design preferences, so that the program can determine the best design. At the end some logos will be proposed to choose from.

    18 ) Designbold is a professional site with fantastic designs also available with free membership, with tons of fonts and color options you can use to create high quality logos in minutes.

    19 ) it is proposed as a do-it-yourself design kit to make a brand or a new logo. You can start with one of the ready-made templates that can be customized in minutes. You can create banners, GIFs, posters, buttons and logos with an intuitive user interface.

    20 ) CoolText is an excellent generator of buttons and logos with personalized writings, free and free, in which you can decide everything. You set the size, the background color, the shadow effect on the text or button, the text color, the font and font, the size, the shape of the logo, the depth and thickness, and if used for websites internet also the mouse effect, as the colors change.
    at the end, the button or logo can be downloaded and saved on the PC to be used wherever you want. In addition, you can also download and install the Vector studio program which has nothing to envy to professional graphics software.

    21 ) TattooLettering is a tattoo generator that can however be very well used to create logos and write with fonts and characters typical of tattoos.

    22) For create a button or button in web 2.0 style and therefore in 3 dimensions and with shaded and lively colors, you can use the online application MycoolButton . In 4 steps you can create your own button thanks to the vast database of available combinations. You can select the shape, size, style of the corners, the color and shades, the font for the writing inside or an image to be incorporated into the button.

    23) Even simpler to create buttons and buttons, and with so many options available it is Button Factory, with a simple and nice design to use on websites.

    24 ) Free Logo Designs is another platform where you can effortlessly design your logo, with thousands of designs to choose from and customize. You can change the font style, color, background, image, file format.

    25 ) PixTeller allows you to create a logo with text for free, create logo designs from scratch or use the available templates to edit. The site allows you to change the predefined dimensions, shapes, text and design and to download the image in PNG format.

    26 ) Desygner is a great, modern design site that allows, among other things, to create a text logo.

    27 ) I banner are a tool used by webmasters and bloggers to create personalized advertising.
    On another article there are the best free resources to create a banner.

    28) Similar to the tools for creating logos, we must mention My Live Signature, a curious tool that allows you to generate your own digital signature written in italics. The operation is as usual very simple: you write the name, choose between 120 types of fonts, set the size, color and orientation and the signature is ready to be saved as an image on the PC ready to be used on documents or mail. You can even insert it in a form to create a personalized letter with our data in the header and footer (address, email address, website ...).

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