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    15 Sites with coloring and printable pages for children

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    If you are looking for drawings to entertain young and old children, you can find on the internet several websites that are really well made and, above all, that offer a large amount of material just to download and print for free. The drawings printed in black and white, which in some cases are also of high quality, are therefore ready for printing and then only to be colored with markers, pencils or brushes, or to be copied and traced with a pen or pencil.
    In no particular order, let's see then some of the best sites with free coloring pages, for every child, free to download and print, which do not require registration and are free to use.

    1) The site it is very nice because the free and ready drawings can not only be printed to be able to color them at home, but also allows you to color them on the PC, through a simple web application where you have to use the mouse. The drawings are then organized according to various categories, ranging from animals to cartoons. 

    2) is a site with many original drawings, which are not the usual ones, but which depict heroes and characters of the most famous modern cartoons, especially Disney ones such as Snow White and Cinderella or Japanese manga cartoons such as Dragon Ball and the Winx, there are many others design categories including animals, flags, and special holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

    3) Coloring pages is a site with a lot of material to download and print, divided by categories, it presents the themes and characters of many comics and cartoons, of today and yesterday. The graphics are ugly because from the previews it is not clear what drawings there are, but in the end you will find many images to color.

    4) Edupics is an English site, not too easy to navigate due to the many categories and subcategories in the catalog, but really full of both black and white and color designs.

    5) Color is one of the best sites on this list, because it is easy to navigate, in your language, and full of drawings divided into different categories. The site is updated daily with new content and also allows you to rate the proposed designs. The drawings can be colored directly from the site on a PC or downloaded or printed using the buttons at the bottom that appear when you open an image in its app. Acolore also has an online editor for painting and coloring, suitable even for the little ones and proven by several years of developer experience. It is always a site that comes to life online, where drawings can be shared with other people, sent away or printed to display and keep them on paper.

    6) The site Crayola, the most famous brand of markers and crayons, offers many drawings to print divided into categories, with images of Disney, favorite cartoon characters, animals and much more.

    7) TheColor is a site for children that contains many images to print or color even directly from the website. The site is in English but very intuitive, the drawings are divided into categories: animals, dinosaurs, parties (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother's and Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Carnival), school and many others. The designs are colored online with many colors to click on to apply the color to the shapes. the drawings can be printed and sent via email and shared with other children participating in the site.

    8) it is similar to the other sites with new drawings and images in black and white only to be colored or traced.

    9) Fisher Price, the games brand's official website, also offers a page of drawings to download and print, all for young children.

    10 ) HelloKids it is a site that does not have a lot of material, but it is perhaps the one with the most beautiful drawings to use, with Elsa, Barbie, StarWars, soccer players, super heroes, animals and many other very original and very well designed. This site allows you to play online coloring using the mouse, but each drawing can also be saved (using the down arrow button) and then printed in black and white in order to color it on the sheet of paper. There is also a section with video tutorials to learn how to color drawings correctly and use various advanced techniques. HelloKids also has apps for Android and iPhone, although they are not the best of their kind.

    11 ) e are two other free sites from which to download coloring sheets and black and white drawings to print.

    12 ) is another site that downloads black and white drawings to print and color. 

    13) We also add this special collection of the social network to this list Pinterest, with 1000 black and white images that can be downloaded, printed on paper and colored as many times as you want.

    14) The site Tux Paint offers a program for drawing and coloring images, as if you were using a professional graphics tool tipo Photoshop. Clearly it is much easier to use and is suitable for children and younger artists; really fun and impressive and satisfying.

    15 ) Coloring 4 Kids offers beautiful printable coloring pages for kids with different categories like alphabet, animals, birthday, cartoon, Disney, fruit, etc.

    16 ) Just Color has a huge section of coloring pages for kids in many categories like animals, themes, education, art, Disney, cartoons, Pixar, movies, TV characters, superheroes, etc. Just choose the category and the coloring page you want to download.

    17 ) Supercoloring is a nice resource to find many coloring pages for kids, divided into categories and subcategories.

    18 ) Art Coloring Book di Google is an online coloring book where the drawings are real representations of the most famous paintings in history. Each painting can then be colored, with the same colors or as you prefer, using the mouse and touching the various parts.

    For coloring pages directly online thanks to the high-level web applications offered, they can be found on two sites already seen on these pages in the general post on best sites for children.


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