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    15 sites to draw online comics, cartoons and comics

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    In another post we had already talked about comics and cartoons but we had concentrated the search in those sites that allow you to apply the classic clouds on personal photos to create a strip worthy of old photo novels, such as those that appeared in the magazine Cioè !.
    In this case we see instead web applications that allow you to create a real comic in the strict sense, that is, designed, to the point of creating its own story that can be shared online.
    The tools listed are really very fun and can let the imagination of adults and even children express themselves because using them is really very simple.
    The best sites for create comic strips designed with fictional characters they are therefore:

    1) Bitstrips to publish comic strips with comics on Facebook

    2) Very similar to Toonlet but with different graphics it is Make Beliefs Comix with which to create a comic by establishing the number of boxes (2-3 or 4), choose the setting, the colors of the background and choose from the many characters available.
    Various tools allow you to customize the comic by changing the expressions of the subjects, choosing the type of text bubbles, size and rotation of the elements and other things.

    3) Pixton is a nice web application to generate custom comics so that they can then be published and shared on the internet.
    The purpose of creating this kind of art can be a simple expression of imagination to make your own story or you can use the application to create nice messages to send to someone, perhaps to send greetings.
    The operation is very simple since it is also in your language:
    From the home page just click on the "Create Now" button, register for the service quickly and choose one of the three possibilities to design the story. If you want to do something very fast, you can choose one of the pre-set strips, choose the imaginative characters and write only the phrases to put in the bubbles. The second option allows you to create a real story from scratch. The third possibility is to create a single cartoon with a single customizable comic. Online sharing takes place via the fixed link that is generated by the site itself and can be turned over to anyone with an internet connection.

    4) Comix is a web app for creating comics that requires the use of HTML code to create the cartoons. Fortunately, everything is still simple, with stick figures and text.

    5) Creaza Cartoonist allows you to create cartoons and comic strips with characteristic Comics characters.

    6) Writecomics is another simple site to create comic stories, freely, without even registering, choosing backgrounds and characters.

    7) Witty Comics it does not allow the same level of freedom, but it does allow anyone, even those without artistic talent, to create an online comic from three panels in a simple way even if with a default layout and few options in terms of customization.
    Witty Comics is perfect for telling a joke.

    8) comic creator it is also exceptional and to see its potential, already on the home page, you can look at the comics of others and see the most popular and voted ones.
    To create your own you have to press on the word "Make a Comic", then you move on to the creation of comics from three tables in which you can choose many characters, all divided into categories, the expression of the protagonists and the background or scenario of the cartoon.

    9) Storyboard That is a powerful creator of comic stories like Pixton, where you can use cartoons for social communication and storytelling as if you were writing a blog, thus also receiving comments from users who visit the page.

    10 ) Marvel Create Your comic is dedicated to those who want to create a Marvel-style comic.
    You can easily and have fun drawing an entire comic book, with an online editor to create illustrated strips full of backgrounds, characters, objects, comics, and "sound effects" (like "Kaboom").

    11 ) rage maker is a web application to easily create a humorous cartoon or meme using the proposed drawings and writing the dialogues in custom comics.

    12 ) canva, the popular graphic design site, has a specific section for creating cartoons, with lots of scenarios and characters to choose from to which you can add your own custom comic.

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